The Arux Community Portal
    • 15 May 2024
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    The Arux Community Portal

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    Article summary

    The Arux Community Portal is your gateway to accessing the services provided by your local program or district. It serves as a dynamic resource to welcome you and highlight the courses, programs, child care, and/or services available.

    Each district or program's Community Portal can look different and can feature details and information.

    There are also several portions of the site that will look familar, no matter the program or district. These navigation elements can help you explore all the program or district has to offer.

    The Community Portal landing page provides navigation elements you can use to access different options within your district or program.


    If the Arux Community Portal does not display in your preferred language, use your web browser's built-in translation tool. Most modern web browsers can translate the Community Portal into the language of your choice.

    See the instructions to translate the Community Portal for your browser type: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, or Opera.

    Home Button and Logo

    The Home button and district or program logo in the upper-left will return you to the landing page from any screen of the Community Portal.

    Sign In or Your Account

    A link is provided to Sign In to your account. If you have not created your account, you can select this link to create one.

    If you are signed in, the name associated with your account is displayed and your Cart is available.

    Your Account

    Clicking your name gives you access to links to manage Your Account / Relationships, Explore programs, Get Help, Switch Organizations (if you use Arux with multiple programs or districts), and the option to Logout.


    When you have selected a course or other service to purchase, the item is added to your Cart.

    Clicking the Cart icon will display all of the items you have currently selected and give you the option to proceed to Checkout or Continue Shopping.

    Search Bar

    The search bar can be used to find courses, programs, child care, or services directly from this page.


    Clicking the Explore All Programs dropdown displays a menu of the options available in your district.

    Program Options

    The options in the left portion of the drop-down detail the district or programs child care, courses, enrichment, and/or facility services available. When selected, details for registration, account management, and payments are displayed in the center and right portion of the drop-down.

    Your Dashboard

    In the right portion of the drop-down, Your dashboard is a link to view further information about your account. The dashboard gives you access to enroll in child care, view any current or upcoming enrollments, view your current invoices and recent payments, manage your family members, relationships, and add or edit emergency contacts.

    Enroll In or Your Accounts

    By default, the drop-down contains links to child care programs that are available for enrollment. If you are signed in to your account and have registered for child care, links to your child care programs are displayed.

    View All Programs or Your Balance

    By default, the drop-down contains a link to view all programs that are available for enrollment. If you are signed in to your account and have registered for child care, your current account balance is displayed.

    Page Footer

    The footer at the bottom of the Arux Community Portal provides additional links to Discover the courses, programs, child care, and/or services available from the district or program.

    Support links can provide pages for any policies and links to contact the district or program directly. The Account links give you access to easily navigate to any screen with details of your account.

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