Welcome to Arux
    • 07 Aug 2023
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    Welcome to Arux

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    Article Summary

    Welcome to Arux

    The Arux platform is an end-to-end solution for your schools, empowering you to increase community engagement and program participation. Arux combines the latest platform with our experienced teams to modernize how after school programs work, including registrations, payments, attendance, data management, and marketing.

    Arux offers solutions across the after school industry. We specialize in helping school districts run an efficient child care program, build unique community ed and preschool programs, and manage booking facilities across the organization.

    All features of Arux are 100% cloud-based and have simple-to-use interfaces for both your staff and community. Arux is accessible via desktop, laptop, and mobile device, meaning your staff and families have 24/7 access to your programs.

    Arux is a true all-in-one solution built to meet the unique needs of K-12 before and after school programming.

    We're motivated as a leader in child care and enrichment technology. The evolution of the Arux software and team allows us to keep improving our products and adapting to any district’s needs. Specifically, we compile data, best practices, market research, and host user groups to provide school districts with the best resources available, including:

    • School staff user groups
    • Networking with other program directors
    • Professional development webinars
    • Best-in-class strategies for improving program performance
    • Robust user guides for maximizing Arux’s impact, generating useful reports, and more!

    The Arux Platform

    We have developed Arux with end-users in mind.

    Our easy-to-use software empowers you and your child care teams to streamline processes, create efficiencies, and grow programs. As a result, district admin and staff who use Arux spend way less time managing parent registration questions and support calls.

    For parents, your Arux Community Portal is completely mobile-friendly and easy to use, resulting in high customer satisfaction for your child care programs and an engaged community.

    Child Care

    Arux Child Care is a flexible platform for building unique extended day child care programs at a district-wide level. All facets can be customized during the creation of these programs — pay cycles, schedules, registration requirements, discounts, and more.

    Once your programs go live via your district’s custom-branded Arux Community Portal, Arux supports all aspects of registration, payments and account management for you and your families.

    In addition to the browser-based Child Care interface, our Arux Connect: Child Care for iOS allows each site to manage easy student sign-in/sign-out, attendance tracking, and provides staff with quick access to important student information, including those authorized to pick-up children and emergency contact details. Arux Connect: Child Care is the most robust frontline technology in the child care industry.

    All aspects of Arux, including Child Care, are supported by integrated payment processing and robust data management.


    Courses in Arux provide districts with a flexible platform to build unique enrichment courses and preschool programming across all district locations. Districts of all sizes can utilize these tools to support lifelong learning programs with a variety of customizable schedule types, payment options, discounts, registration fields, and more.

    Arux supports all aspects of program set up, registration, account management, and reporting for these courses.

    With Courses we provide Arux Connect: Courses for iOS, giving your instructors easy access to information about the courses they are teaching, including: course attendance tracking, enrollment statuses, answers to enrollment questions, emergency contacts, and more.


    Arux Facilities supports booking facilities online across a district or location. Arux customers can enable community members to easily search, request, and pay for space online. Additionally, your team has anytime, anywhere access to facility account management, facility request tracking, invoicing, reports, and Arux automates conflict resolution during building check-in to prevent double-booking.

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